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J. Segal, Empirical Studies of Learners of Functional Programming, presented at the 12/1992, PPIG 1992 - 5th Annual Workshop, 1992.
J. Segal, An Exploration of the Difficulties of Learning Abstract Data Types and Structural Induction, presented at the 01/1994, PPIG 1994 - 6th Annual Workshop, 1994.
J. Segal, Learning from worked examples, presented at the 01/1992, PPIG 1992 - 4th Annual Workshop, 1992.
J. Segal, Scientists and Software Engineers: A Tale of Two Cultures, presented at the 09/2008, PPIG 2008 - 20th Annual Workshop, 2008.
J. Segal, Some parallels between empirical software engineering and research in human computer interaction, presented at the 04/2003, PPIG 2003 - 15th Annual Workshop, 2003.
J. Segal, Some Problems with Context in Formal Reasoning, presented at the 01/1997, PPIG 1997 - 9th Annual Workshop, 1997.