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M. Beynon, Computation and Cognition, presented at the 01/1989, PPIG 1989 - 1st Annual Workshop, 1989.
M. Beynon and Joy, M. S., Computer Programming for Noughts and Crosses: New Frontiers, presented at the 01/1994, PPIG 1994 - 6th Annual Workshop, 1994.
R. Boyatt, Beynon, M., and Beynon, M., Ghosts of programming past, present and yet to come, presented at the 06/2014, PPIG 2014 - 25th Annual Workshop, 2014.
M. Beynon and Russ, S., The interpretation of states: a new foundation for computation?, presented at the 01/1992, PPIG 1992 - 4th Annual Workshop, 1992.
M. Beynon, Boyatt, R., and Chan, Z. En, Intuition in Software Development Revisited, presented at the 09/2008, PPIG 2008 - 20th Annual Workshop, 2008.
M. Beynon, Modelling state in mind and machine, presented at the 01/1998, PPIG 1998 - 10th Annual Workshop, 1998.
N. Pope, Hudnott, E., Foss, J., and Beynon, M., Whither with 'with'? – new prospects for programming, presented at the 09/2016, PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Conference, 2016.