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F. Barcellini, Détienne, F., and Burkhardt, J. - M., Users' participation to the design process in a Free Open Source Software online community, presented at the 09/2006, PPIG 2006 - 18th Annual Workshop, 2006.
P. D'Astous, Détienne, F., Visser, W., and Robillard, P. N., On the use of functional and interactional approaches for the analysis of technical review meetings, presented at the 04/2000, PPIG 2000 - 12th Annual Workshop, 2000.
S. Chatel and Détienne, F., Transfer Among Programming Languages: An Assessment of Various Indicators, presented at the 12/1992, PPIG 1992 - 5th Annual Workshop, 1992.
F. Détienne, Burkhardt, J. - M., and Wiedenbeck, S., A theoretical framework for studying OO program comprehension, presented at the 04/1996, PPIG 1996 - 8th Annual Workshop, 1996.
F. Détienne, Supporting Collaborative Design: Current Research Issues, presented at the 06/2002, PPIG 2002 - 14th Annual Workshop, 2002.
F. Détienne, Software design, reuse and comprehension: some perspectives of research, presented at the 01/1999, PPIG 1999 - 11th Annual Workshop, 1999.
F. Détienne, Burkhardt, J. - M., and Barcellini, F., Open source software communities: current issues, presented at the 09/2006, 2006.
F. Détienne, A multidimensional framework for analysing collaborative design: emergence and balance of roles, presented at the 07/2007, PPIG 2007 - 19th Annual Workshop, 2007.
F. Détienne, Empirical Study of Design in an Object-Oriented Environment, presented at the 01/1990, PPIG 1990 - 2nd Annual Workshop, 1990.
P. D'Astous, Robillard, P. N., Détienne, F., and Visser, W., A coding scheme to analyse activities in technical meetings, presented at the 01/1998, PPIG 1998 - 10th Annual Workshop, 1998.