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C. R. Douce and Layzell, P. J., An analysis of active and latent errors during object-oriented maintenance, presented at the 01/1998, PPIG 1998 - 10th Annual Workshop, 1998.
C. R. Douce, Long Term Comprehension of Software Systems: A Methodology for Study, presented at the 04/2001, PPIG 2001 - 13th Annual Workshop, 2001.
C. R. Douce, Metaphors we program by, presented at the 04/2004, PPIG 2004 - 16th Annual Workshop, 2004.
D. Hales and Douce, C. R., Modelling Software Organisations, presented at the 06/2002, PPIG 2002 - 14th Annual Workshop, 2002.
C. R. Douce, Layzell, P. J., and Buckley, J., Spatial measures of software complexity, presented at the 01/1999, PPIG 1999 - 11th Annual Workshop, 1999.
C. R. Douce, The Stores Model of Code Cognition, presented at the 09/2008, PPIG 2008 - 20th Annual Workshop, 2008.
C. R. Douce and Durant, S., Understanding program complexity: an approach for study, presented at the 09/2011, PPIG 2011 - 23rd Annual Workshop, 2011.