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D. Quesnot and Jacquot, J. - P., An Environment for the Process of Design Specifications, presented at the 12/1992, PPIG 1992 - 5th Annual Workshop, 1992.
J. Buckley, Exton, C., Quigley, A., and LeGear, A., ESCAPE Meta Modelling in Software Engineering: When Premature Commitment is Useful in Representations, presented at the 07/2007, PPIG 2007 - 19th Annual Workshop, 2007.
A. Qahmash, Joy, M., and Boddison, A., Investigating high-achieving students’ code-writing abilities through the SOLO taxonomy, presented at the 05/2017, PPIG 2017 - 28th Annual Conference, 2017.
K. Quille and Bergin, S., Programming: Further Factors that Influence Success, presented at the 09/2016, PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Conference, 2016.