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R. Bednarik and Tukiainen, M., Analysing and Interpreting Quantitative Eye-Tracking Data in Studies of Programming: Phases of Debugging with Multiple Representations, presented at the 07/2007, PPIG 2007 - 19th Annual Workshop, 2007.
R. Bednarik, Myller, N., Sutinen, E., and Tukiainen, M., Effects of Experience on Gaze Behavior during Program Animation, presented at the 06/2005, PPIG 2005 - 17th Annual Workshop, 2005.
M. Tukiainen, Evaluation of the Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire and Some Thoughts about the Cognitive Dimensions of Spreadsheet Calculation, presented at the 04/2001, PPIG 2001 - 13th Annual Workshop, 2001.
J. Sajaniemi and Tukiainen, M., Goals and plans in spreadsheets and other programming tools, presented at the 04/1996, PPIG 1996 - 8th Annual Workshop, 1996.
S. Pietinen, Bednarik, R., and Tukiainen, M., Initial Exploration of Eye Movements in Collaborative Work: Case Pair Programming, presented at the 06/2009, PPIG 2009 - 21st Annual Workshop, 2009.
R. Bednarik, Myller, N., Sutinen, E., and Tukiainen, M., Program Visualization: Comparing Eye-Tracking Patterns with Comprehension Summaries, presented at the 09/2006, PPIG 2006 - 18th Annual Workshop, 2006.
M. Tukiainen and Mönkkönen, E., Programming Aptitude Testing as a Prediction of Learning to Program, presented at the 06/2002, PPIG 2002 - 14th Annual Workshop, 2002.
M. Tukiainen, Uncovering effects of programming paradigms: Errors in two spreadsheet systems, presented at the 04/2000, PPIG 2000 - 12th Annual Workshop, 2000.
R. Bednarik and Tukiainen, M., Visual attention and representation switching in Java program debugging: a study using eye movement tracking, presented at the 04/2004, PPIG 2004 - 16th Annual Workshop, 2004.