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M. Ireland, Cognitive Dimensions of NOPS: An Environment for Object-Oriented Learning, presented at the 09/1996, PPIG Student Workshop 1996, 1996.
M. Ireland, Stone, R. G., and Dawson, R., The Learning Psychology of Visual Programming for Object Orientation, presented at the 04/1996, PPIG 1996 - 8th Annual Workshop, 1996.
G. P. Iliadis, A Pragmatic View of Software Design Activities and the Implications for Tool Support, presented at the 09/1996, PPIG Student Workshop 1996, 1996.
G. P. Iliadis, Representation and structure in the re-use of design rationale by novice analysts, presented at the 01/1999, PPIG 1999 - 11th Annual Workshop, 1999.
J. Ivins and Ong, M. Poy- Suan, Psychometric Assessment of Computing Undergraduates, presented at the 06/2005, PPIG 2005 - 17th Annual Workshop, 2005.
G. Inggs, Bringing Hereogeneous Computing to the End User, presented at the 07/2013, PPIG WIP Workshop 2013, 2013.
M. Isaac, Pflugel, E., Hunter, G., and Denholm-Price, J., Intuitive NUIs for Speech Editing of Structured Content, presented at the 07/2015, PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop, 2015.
C. F. Perțicaș, Indurkhya, B., Florian, R. V., and Csató, L., Finding Patterns in Visualizations of Programs, presented at the 05/2017, PPIG 2017 - 28th Annual Conference, 2017.
C. Florian Perticas and Indurkhya, B., Modeling cognitive processes underlying computer programming, presented at the 09/2018, PPIG 2018 - 29th Annual Conference, 2018.