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PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors
A Formal and a Cognitive Model of Anaphors in Java Sebastian Lohmeier
A fox not a hedgehog: What does PPIG know? Luke Church; Mariana Mărășoiu
A gaze-directed lens for touchless analytics Abhishek Chander; Advait Sarkar
A neurofeedback system to promote learner engagement James Lockwood; Aidan Mooney; Susan Bergin
Work in Progress A Nonvisual Interface for a Blocks Language Varsha Koushik; Clayton Lewis
API Usability at Scale Andrew Macvean; Luke Church; John Daughtry; Craig Citro
Assessing Novices’ Program Comprehension based on Linked List Diagrams Unaizah Obaidellah
Blended Feedback II: Video screen capture assessment feedback for individual students, as a matter of course, on an undergraduate computer programming unit Suzy Atfield-Cutts; Melanie Coles
Brain Type as a Programming Aptitude Predictor Melanie Coles; Keith Phalp
Building Software is Not (Yet) a Craft Antranig Basman
Children’s Storytelling and Coding: Literature Review and Future Potential Rob Thompson; Steve Tanomoto
Comprehension and Composition of Flowcharts Unaizah Obaidellah
End-user programming with personally meaningful objects Andrew Cyrus Smith; Helene Gelderblom
Enhancing Programming Lectures Using Interactive Web-Based Lecture Slides Paul Albinson
Doctoral Consortium Gesture–Visualise–Simulate: a framework to support the teaching of computational thinking in primary school classrooms Anthony Trory
Helping programmers get what they want Gail Ollis
Doctoral Consortium How do user centred techniques contribute to the design process to create online content that is informative and accessible? Jessica Muirhead
Human language and its role in reference-point errors Craig S. Miller
Investigating Domain-Specific Visual Languages for Interactive Exhibitions Andrew Stratton; Andy Dearden; Chris Bates
Location, Location, Location: Using Spatial Memory in an Integrated Development Environments to Assist Program Code Comprehension? Craig Sutherland; Andrew Luton-Reilly; Beryl Plimmer

Journal Articles

Title Authors Year Publisher PDF
Forty years of research on personality in software engineering: A mapping study Shirley Cruz; Fabio Q.B. da Silva; Luiz Fernando Capretz 2015 Elsevier Ltd [PDF]
Bringing the Human Factor to Software Engineering Luiz Fernando Capretz 2014 IEEE [PDF]
Soft Skills and Software Development: A Reflection from Software Industry Faheem Ahmed; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Salah Bouktif; Piers Campbell 2013 AICIT [PDF]
Evaluating the Demand for Soft Skills in Software Development Faheem Ahmed; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Piers Campbell 2012 IEEE Computer Society [PDF]
Evolution of Software Engineers’ Personality Profile Daniel Varona; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Yadenis Pinero; Arif Raza 2012 ACM [PDF]
Soft Skills Requirements in Software Development Jobs: A Cross-Cultural Empirical Study Faheem Ahmed; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Salah Bouktif; Piers Campbell 2012 Emerald Group Publishing Limited [PDF]
Making Sense of Software Development and Personality Types Luiz Fernando Capretz; Faheem Ahmed 2010 IEEE Computer Society [PDF]
Why Do We Need Personality Diversity in Software Engineering? Luiz Fernando Capretz; Faheem Ahmed 2010 ACM [PDF]
Personality Types in Software Engineering Luiz Fernando Capretz 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd [PDF]

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