The Psychology of Computer Programming

Gerald M. Weinberg

This landmark 1971 classic is reprinted with new commentary and a Preface from the author. 

Long regarded as one of the first books to pioneer a people-oriented approach to computing, The psychology of Computer Programming endures as a penetrating analysis of the intelligence, skill, teamwork, and problem-solving power of the computer programmer. 

Returning to topics that are strikingly relevant to today's issues in programming, Gerald M. Weinberg provides a characteristically fresh perspective on his original insights, highlighting the similarities and differences between now and then. Using a conversational style that invites the reader to join him, Weinberg reunites with some of his most enduring, straight-from-the-heart observations on the human side of software engineering. 

Dorset House Publishing is proud to make this important text available to new generations of Weinberg fans -- and to encourage readers of the first edition to return to its valuable lessons. 

From the Epilogue 

". . . the reader who has really been touched by this book will start to work on the operating system he carries around in his own central processing unit -- his head. That will be his reward." 

Type of Publication: Book
Publication Year: 1998
Publisher: Dorset House Publishing Co Inc.
Pages: 292
TitleThe Psychology of Computer Programming
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsWeinberg, GM