Psychology of Programming

J.M. Hoc; Thomas R.G. Green; R. Samurcay; David J. Gilmore

Psychology provides a backdrop for most of the study of human-computer interaction. In this volume the psychological issues that pertain to programming, rather than systems design, are examined in four sections: theoretical and methodological issues, language design and skill acquisition, expert programming, and the future. This book was inspired by working groups in France and the United Kingdom, but also includes work by major North American figures (such as Curtis and Soloway). It is the first comprehensive work on this topic since the early 1980s.

Type of Publication: Book
Publication Year: 1990
Publisher: Academic Press Inc.
Pages: 250
TitlePsychology of Programming
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsHoc, JM, Green, TRG, Samurcay, R, Gilmore, DJ