Why Do We Need Personality Diversity in Software Engineering?

Luiz Fernando Capretz; Faheem Ahmed

Diversity of skills is good for society, it is also good in problem solving because different people see a problem from several perspectives, so diversity should be good for software engineering too. This study tackles a difficult to study aspect of software engineering, that is, how to best associate personnel with the various tasks in a software project. The approach uses psychological types to determine who is best suited to particular development roles. The article has four main objectives: (1) to arouse awareness of human factors among software engineers; (2) to investigate how psycho-logical factors can contribute to their effectiveness at work; (3) to catalyze effort among software engineers leading towards a deeper understanding and broader applications of human factors in the light of the activities involving the engineering of software; and (4) to emphasize the important of skill diversity in the software engineering field. This article provides conceptual knowledge, report findings, and presents both real and hypothesized beliefs from the software engineering community. Likewise, it is hoped that the article will motivate software engineers and psychologists to con-duct more research in the area of software psychology, so as to understand more profoundly the possibilities for increased effectiveness and fulfilment among software engineers.

Type of Publication: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: ACM
Volume: 35
Start Page: 1
Number: 2
TitleWhy Do We Need Personality Diversity in Software Engineering?
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsCapretz, LFernando, Ahmed, F