The Application of reflective Practitioner to Software Engineering

Orit Hazzan

This paper focuses on the application of the Reflective Practitioner (RP) perspective to the discipline of Software Engineering (SE). The Reflective Practitioner perspective, introduced by Donald Scho╠łn (1983, 1987), guides professional people (architects, managers, musicians, and others) to rethink and examine their professional creations during and after the accomplishment of the creation process . The working assumption is that such a reflection improves the proficiency and performance within these professions. An analysis of the field of Software Engineering in general, of its sub-field, Software Architecture in particular, and of the kind of work that software engineers usually carry out, all support the adoption of the RP methodology to SE.

In an ongoing research I collect data about student reflection on the process of developing a software system. For reasons of space limitation I will not present the data itself in this paper. In the talk I will illustrate the ideas presented in the paper by quoting student reflection. This illustration may also shed light on the adopting the RP methodology for educational purposes of SE. Further support for this approach can be found in Tomayko (1996) and Wallingford (1998).

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2001 - 13th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2001
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TitleThe Application of reflective Practitioner to Software Engineering
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