Cognitive Dimensions: An experience report

Maria Kutar; Carol Britton; Jonathan Wilson

This paper outlines a part of a larger qualitative evaluation study where Jeliot, a tool designed to aid students in understanding algorithms, was used in a real classroom situation by two different groups. According to the findings, the tool could be used in an introductory programming course and students found visualization helpful. However, the making SV automatic is not a straightforward task, as the tool should be able to understand the relations of the variables. Based on the findings we suggest some further development areas for Jeliot.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2000 - 12th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2000
Paper #: 7
TitleCognitive Dimensions: An experience report
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsKutar, M, Britton, C, Wilson, J
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