Dual Eye Tracking for Teaching Debugging

Work in Progress
Kshitij Sharma

We study Dual Eye Tracking and Collaborative Pair Programming with two major goals. The first goal is to consolidate and deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that make collaborative interaction productive and to model how gaze reflects to activity that is pursued by the collaborators and their levels of expertise. The second goal of the project builds on our previous findings, and consists of developing and testing a gaze-awareness tool that informs collaborators about the convergence of their gaze. Such an indication should result in a lower grounding effort since speakers can “see” whether their partners are following them and better tune the effort that is required to reach shared understanding.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG Doctoral Consortium 2012
Publication Year: 2012
Paper #: 8
TitleDual Eye Tracking for Teaching Debugging
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsSharma, K
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