Eliciting peer definitions of a 'good' programmer

Work in Progress
Gail Ollis

This research, currently in its first year, investigates individual differences between experienced programmers varying in aptitude. The topic of aptitude calls for a clear definition of 'good programmer', a concept for which multiple and potentially conflicting criteria exist. In this research, the chosen criteria will be those identified by experienced software developers as affecting their productivity when working with existing code. The tasks of fixing, maintaining or adapting a program represent a large part of software development effort, so the effect of implementation decisions by the original programmer can be significant. A later phase of the research will explore the role of personality in those decisions. The first phase, though, is to establish characteristic behaviours which are commonly considered a help or a hindrance by peers. Discussion is invited on the proposed methods for eliciting their opinions.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG Doctoral Consortium 2012
Publication Year: 2012
Paper #: 6
TitleEliciting peer definitions of a 'good' programmer
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsOllis, G
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