Exploring Creative Learning for the Internet of Things era

Alan F. Blackwell; Samuel Aaron; Rachel Drury

We describe a study of a group of artists commissioned to create a new artwork involving programming with the Raspberry Pi computer. From an initial sample of 10 professional artists who mainly work with conventional media, 5 were selected for an intensive series of workshops leading to public presentations of the project and their work. The artists learned to program using the Sonic Pi environment that had recently been created for use in schools. During the project, the Sonic Pi language was also enhanced with new features in response to the artists’ creative objectives. Throughout the project, data was collected to record the experiences of the artists, including initial self-efficacy questionnaires, reflective diaries, workshop evaluations, and focus group discussion.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2014 - 25th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2014
Paper #: 22
TitleExploring Creative Learning for the Internet of Things era
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsBlackwell, AF, Aaron, S, Drury, R
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