Increasing Student Confidence Throughout the Computer Science Curriculum

Work in Progress
John Trono

As educators, we all try to do our best to help the students enrolled in our classes learn/understand the concepts, techniques and strategies pertinent to those courses. One effective methodology to aid this pursuit is to devise a semester-long plan of activities that will attempt to increase each student’s level of confidence that they are adequately learning the course’s contents. Experience has shown that students who are confident about their knowledge competency tend to stay more focused and motivated about the subject matter, which tends to improve their retention of this knowledge obtained therein well beyond the course’s duration. The remainder of this report will describe some of the specific, course-related activities that have been used to bolster student confidence in many different computer science courses.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG WIP Workshop 2013
Publication Year: 2013
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TitleIncreasing Student Confidence Throughout the Computer Science Curriculum
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AuthorsTrono, J
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