Intuitive NUIs for Speech Editing of Structured Content

Work in Progress
Marina Isaac; Eckhard Pflugel; Gordon Hunter; James Denholm-Price

Improvements in automatic speech recognition, along with the growing popularity of speech driven “assistants” in consumer electronics, indicate that this input modality will become increasingly relevant. Although good functionality is offered for word processing applications, this is not the case for highly structured content such as mathematical text or computer program code. In this paper we combine the principles of natural user interfaces with the concept of intuitive use, and adapt them for speech as the input modality in the context of editing content displayed on a screen. The resulting principles are used to inform design of the user interface of a specialist language editor for spoken mathematics.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2015
Paper #: 1
TitleIntuitive NUIs for Speech Editing of Structured Content
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsIsaac, M, Pflugel, E, Hunter, G, Denholm-Price, J
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