A Nonvisual Interface for a Blocks Language

Work in Progress
Varsha Koushik; Clayton Lewis

Visual programming systems, including blocks languages like Scratch (Maloney et al., 2010) are widely used to introduce children and other learners to programming, but in their present form they cannot be used by blind people. Following up work on the nonvisual dataflow language Noodle (Lewis, 2014), and building on the Blockly language system (Fraser, 2015) we are building a nonvisual interface to a blocks language. We present a pseudospatial interface for the language, similar to that of Noodle, and compare it with other approaches to accessibility for blocks languages. 

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Conference
Publication Year: 2016
Paper #: 1
TitleA Nonvisual Interface for a Blocks Language
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsKoushik, V, Lewis, C
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