Novel Interaction Designs for a New Novice Programming Editor

Work in Progress
Fraser McKay

This project concerns the design of interaction and presentation elements in a new programming editor, designed for learner programmers. Its aim is to avoid both the viscosity that is often part of visual programs, and the error-proneness of traditional text-based programming languages like Java. This extended abstract presents some prototype interactions, and our observations about them thus far. A stand-alone editor using these interactions has been presented elsewhere. CogTool models have also been used to compare the new editing style to those found in existing systems. This paper also briefly describes new usability heuristics that we have proposed, and begun to evaluate, for systems in this specific domain. Our evaluations of existing systems (including Scratch, Alice, Greenfoot, and others) have led to the development of these heuristics.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG Doctoral Consortium 2012
Publication Year: 2012
Paper #: 2
TitleNovel Interaction Designs for a New Novice Programming Editor
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsMcKay, F
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