Sketching by Programming in the Choreographic Language Agent

Luke Church; Nick Rothwell; Marc Downie; Scott DeLahunta; Alan F. Blackwell

We describe the Choreographic Language Agent, a programming environment designed for use by dancers and choreographers in the context of improvisatory composition methods. CLA provides a means for dancers to interact with a simple but powerful set of 3D geometric transforms, creating a wide variety of kinematic and dynamic configurations expressed in the form of phrases. These phrases can be composed in a dynamic visual arrangement, offering sophisticated facilities for provisionality and version control. Direct interaction with a live 3D rendering is a key feature of the system, although this rendering is only an intermediate product, designed to offer ample space for alternative interpretations when mapped onto dance movement. The result is a programming language that emphasises transience, ambiguity and creative flow rather than the conventional requirements of professional software engineering contexts.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2012 - 24th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2012
Paper #: 16
TitleSketching by Programming in the Choreographic Language Agent
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsChurch, L, Rothwell, N, Downie, M, DeLahunta, S, Blackwell, AF
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