Software Authoring as Design Conversation

Andrée Woodcock; Richard Bartlett

The paper outlines a pilot study to investigate whether software authorship could be regarded as a design activity, with special reference to ‘reflective practice.’ Verbal protocols collected from software authors undertaking a ‘real task’ indicated that there was merit in studying programming as a design activity – that different forms of reflection did take place, and that the collection of reflections and moments of surprise may lead to a greater understanding of both design and the nature of software authorship. This could be used to inform education and the development of software authoring support tools.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2005 - 17th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2005
Paper #: 17
TitleSoftware Authoring as Design Conversation
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsWoodcock, A, Bartlett, R
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