Tica: An environment for exploring tangible vs. screen-based programming

John Wilkie; Judith Good

This paper describes Tica, an environment designed to explore the differences between tangible and screen based interfaces when teaching programming to children aged 5–7 years. Tica comprises several components: a tangible programming language and a screen based equivalent, an Android app to interpret the programming languages and record data, and a physical robot that can be programmed using either the tangible or screen-based language. Tica was designed using a learner-centred approach, with a specific focus on the needs and abilities of the target user group.

Once implemented, an initial pilot study was carried out with 14 adults. Although participants using the screen-based interface completed problems more quickly than those using the tangible interface, participants using the tangible interface reported a higher level of enjoyment. Next steps include a more extensive study with the target population as well as some refinements to the Tica environment.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2017 - 28th Annual Conference
Publication Year: 2017
Paper #: 9
TitleTica: An environment for exploring tangible vs. screen-based programming
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsWilkie, J, Good, J
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