Towards spreadsheet tools for end-user music programming

Advait Sarkar

SheetMusic, an early-stage prototype, explores how spreadsheets can be used as accessible end-user tools for music programming and data sonification. This design probe uncovers many interesting ques- tions: what are the primary advantages of the spreadsheet paradigm in this context? Should such a tool be regarded as a musical instrument, or as a way to create musical ‘programs’ with emergent runtime behaviour? How can musical experiences be ‘programmatic’? How sophisticated should provisions for scripting the tool be? How can time be represented? Each issue is considered in turn, drawing on previous work in live music coding, end-user programming, and the current SheetMusic implementation. 

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Conference
Publication Year: 2016
Paper #: 7
TitleTowards spreadsheet tools for end-user music programming
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsSarkar, A
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