PPIG 1992 - 4th Annual Workshop

Title Authors PDF
Restricting manipulations within a device space: Effects upon strategy, errors and display-based problem solving Simon Davies [PDF]
Some thoughts on designing an intelligent system for discovery programming Haider Ali Ramadhan [PDF]
Teaching formal software engineering at Loughborough Roger G. Stone; John Cooke [PDF]
Text vs grahics in Prolog tracers Mukesh J. Patel; Chris Taylor; Benedict du Boulay [PDF]
The Design and Application of Visually-Oriented Tools for the Use During Software Development Caroline Humphries [PDF]
The interpretation of states: a new foundation for computation? Meurig Beynon; Steve Russ
Visual programming & visualisation of program execution in Prolog Simon Holland [PDF]

PPIG 1992 - 5th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors
Support for Collaborative Design Activities I. Mistrik
The Expertise of Learning to Program. Example: Recursion Shirley Booth
Transfer Among Programming Languages: An Assessment of Various Indicators S. Chatel; Françoise Détienne
Transfer of Experienced Programmers: A Longitudinal Study Jean Scholtz
Keynote User-Orientated Design Representations: Towards a Broad View of Computer Science and Technology J. M. Carroll
Using Natural Naming in Programming: Feedback from Practioners K. Laitinen

Tool Evaluation Workshop 1991

Title Authors
A Pragmatic Approach to Software Development Tool Evalutaion within the FOCUS Project Nick Rousseau
Evaluation in the Cognitive Browser Project Russel Winder
Human Factors Evaluation of Software Development Tools: A Framework and a Case Study Andy Whifield
SDTs and CDs: Armchair Today, Video Tomorrow Thomas R.G. Green
The IED DESMET Project David Law
What's So Special about Software for Software Development Tools? Roland Carn

PPIG 1991 - 3rd Annual Workshop

Title Authors
Formal Derivation Made Easy Maurice Naftalin
Interactive Contrete Models: Mapping from Code to Execution Ray Waddington
Shifts in Reasoning about Software and Hardware Systems: Must Operational Models Underpin Declarative Ones? Marian Petre
Visbility - A New Dimension? David J. Gilmore
What Really Determines the Success of Novices Learning to Program? Tom Ormerod

Collaborative Processes Workshop 1990

Title Authors
CABAL, or What the Groupware Means to Me Tim Rajan
Developing a Sociological Conception of Software Development Wes Sharrock
Empirical Studies of Collaborative Design Gary Olson

PPIG 1990 - 2nd Annual Workshop

Title Authors PDF
Empirical Studies of Parallel Problem Solving Lisa Neale; David Littman
Empirical Study of Design in an Object-Oriented Environment Françoise Détienne [PDF]
HICOM Nick Rousseau
Models of Debugging David J. Gilmore
Opportunistic Planning in the Specification Stage of Design Willemien Visser [PDF]
Programming and Design John Sumiga
Redesigning Object-Oriented Programming Languages Rachel K.E. Bellamy
Using Systematic Errors to Investigate the Developing Knowledge of Programming Language Learners Judith Segal; Khurshid Ahmad; Margaret Rogers [PDF]
What are the 'Carry Over Effects' in changing from a Procedural to a Declarative Approach? Jawed Siddiqi; Babak Khazaei

PPIG 1989 - 1st Annual Workshop

Title Authors
An Integrated Environment for Building Large Software Systems Bill Curtis
Becoming an Expert: The Process of Acquiring Expertise Among Novice Computer Scientists Laura Leventhal; Keith Instone
Computation and Cognition Meurig Beynon
Program Authorship: A Significant Factor in Debugging Performance? Ray Waddington
Software Engineering: A Technological or Psychological Problem? Barbara Kitchenham
The Legacy of TPM Mike Brayshaw
The Psychology of Programming of Learning and Teaching Prolog Benedict du Boulay

Debugging Workshop 1989

Title Authors
Debugging and the Role of Program Visualisation Mike Brayshaw
Experts Using Debugging Tools: Current Practice Frank Wales
GTS: A Multiple View Graphical Debugger Siamak Masnavi
The Use of Imperative Style Debugging Techniques in Functional Programming Jon Taylor