PPIG 2005 - 17th Annual Workshop

Title Authors PDF
Representation-Oriented Software Development: A Cognitive Approach to Software Engineering John J. Sung [PDF]
Roles of Variables in Experts' Programming Knowledge Jorma Sajaniemi; Raquel Navarro Prieto [PDF]
Short-Term Effects of Graphical versus Textual Visualisation of Variables on Program Perception Seppo Nevalainen; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
Sidebrain: A Sidekick for the Programmer's Brain John Sturdy [PDF]
Software Authoring as Design Conversation Andrée Woodcock; Richard Bartlett [PDF]
The influence of Intra-Team Relationships on the Systems Development Process: A Theoretical Framework of Intra-Group Dynamics C.C.H. Rosen [PDF]
The Influence of Motivation and Comfort-Level on Learning to Program Susan Bergin; Ronan Reilly [PDF]
The Programming Language as a Musical Instrument Alan F. Blackwell; Nick Collins [PDF]
The Psychology of Invention in Computer Science Ronald J. Leach; Caprice A. Ayers [PDF]
The Role of Source Code within Program Summaries describing Maintenance Activities Pamela O'Shea; Chris Exton [PDF]
Theoretical Considerations on Navigating Codespace with Spatial Cognition Anthony Cox; Maryanne Fisher; Philip O'Brien [PDF]
Using Roles of Variables in Teaching: Effects on Program Construction Pauli Byckling; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]

PPIG 2004 - 16th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors PDF
A first look at novice compilation behavior using BlueJ Matthew C. Jadud [PDF]
An Examination of E-Commerce Homepage Design Guidelines by Measuring Eye Movements Ekaterini Tzanidou; Marian Petre; Shailey Minocha; Andy Grayson [PDF]
An Inter-Rater Reliability Analysis of Good's Program Summary Analysis Scheme Pauli Byckling; Marja Kuittinen; Seppo Nevalainen; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
Aspects of cognitive style and programming Rebecca Mancy; Norman Reid [PDF]
Comparison of three eye tracking devices in psychology of programming research Seppo Nevalainen; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
Keynote Computing education, computing education research: communities of practice Sally Fincher
CORBAview: a visualisation tool to aid in the understanding of CORBA-based distributed applications Declan Ryan; Chris Exton [PDF]
Design diagrams for multi-agent systems Simon Lynch; Keerthi Rajendran [PDF]
Dynamic rich-data capture and analysis of debugging processes Pablo Romero; Benedict du Boulay; R Cox; Rudi Lutz; Sallyann Bryant [PDF]
Evaluating algorithm animation for concurrent systems: a comprehension-based approach Connor Hughes; Jim Buckley [PDF]
Factors affecting course outcomes in introductory programming Susan Wiedenbeck; Deborah LaBelle; Vennila N.R. Kain [PDF]
Investigating patterns and task type correlations in open source mailing lists for programmer comprehension Pamela O'Shea; Chris Exton [PDF]
Learning and using formal language Anthony Cox; Maryanne Fisher; Diana Smith; Josipa Granic [PDF]
Learning object-oriented programming Jens Kaasbøll; Ola Berge; Richard Edvin Borge; Annita Fjuk; Christian Holmboe; Terje Samuelsen [PDF]
Metaphors we program by Chris R. Douce [PDF]
PicoVis: a dynamic visualisation tool for simulating a Bluetooth communication environment enhancing student understanding Timothy Doyle; Chris Exton [PDF]
Work in Progress Programming without code Catharine L. Brand [PDF]
Keynote Representation in learning computer science: black boxes in glass boxes revisited Benedict du Boulay
Towards the development of a cognitive model of programming: a software engineering proposal Des Traynor; Paul Gibson [PDF]
Understanding our students: incorporating the results of several experiments into a student learning environment Mark B. Ratcliffe; Lynda A. Thomas [PDF]
Visual attention and representation switching in Java program debugging: a study using eye movement tracking Roman Bednarik; Markku Tukiainen [PDF]
XP: Taking the psychology of programming to the eXtreme Sallyann Bryant [PDF]

PPIG Doctoral Consortium 2004

Type Title Authors PDF
Work in Progress Extreme programming: all of the elegance but none of the models? Sallyann Bryant [PDF]
Work in Progress Programming without code: a work in-progress paper Catharine L. Brand [PDF]
Work in Progress Roles of variables and strategic programming knowledge Pauli Byckling [PDF]

PPIG 2003 - 15th Annual Workshop

Title Authors PDF
A development study of cogntive problems in learning to program Richard Tucker [PDF]
An ethnography of XP practice H. Sharp; Hugh Robinson [PDF]
Applying Cognitive load theory to computer science education Dale Shaffer; Wendy Doube; Juhani Tuovinen [PDF]
Are Reviews an alternative to pair programming? M. Mueller
Characterising software comprehension for programmers in practice Jim Buckley [PDF]
Cognitive Dimensions of tangible programming techniques Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Cognitive Dimensions questionnaire applied to visual languages evaluation - a case study A. E. Bobkowska [PDF]
Does the empirical evidence support visualisation? Pamela O'Shea; Chris Exton [PDF]
Employing protocol analysis to study use of software documentation S. Owen; David Budgen; Pearl Brereton
First results of an experiment on using roles of variables in teaching Marja Kuittinen; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
Investigating the influence of structure of user performance with UML interaction diagrams Maria Kutar; Carol Britton; Trevor Barker; J. Swan [PDF]
Java Debugging strategies in multi-representational environments Pablo Romero; Benedict du Boulay; R Cox; Rudi Lutz [PDF]
Little Languages for Little Robots Matthew C. Jadud; Brooke N. Chenoweth; Jacob Schleter [PDF]