PPIG 2002 - 14th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors PDF
Softening the Complexity of Intelligent Systems Programming Simon Lynch [PDF]
Keynote Supporting Collaborative Design: Current Research Issues Françoise Détienne
The Misplaced Comma: Programmers' Tales and Traditions Lindsay Marshall; Jim Webber [PDF]
The Roles Beacons Play in Comprehension for Novice and Expert Programmers Martha Crosby; Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck [PDF]
Visualizing Roles of Variables to Novice Programmers Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
What is Programming? Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]

PPIG 2001 - 13th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors PDF
"It's just like the whole picture, but smaller": Expressions of gradualism, self-similarity, and other pre-conceptions while classifying recursive phenomena Dalit Levy; Tami Lapidot; Tamar Paz [PDF]
Work in Progress A phenomenographic view on the socio-cultural activity theory in research concerning university students' learning of computer science in an internationally distributed environment Anders Berglund [PDF]
A Study of Human Solutions in eXtreme Programming Robert Gittins; Sian Hope [PDF]
An Open-Source Analysis Schema for Identifying Software Comprehension Processes Michael P. O'Brien; Teresa M. Shaft; Jim Buckley [PDF]
Cognitive Dimensions Profiles: A Cautionary Tale Carol Britton; Maria Kutar [PDF]
Designing a Programming Language for Home Automation Alan F. Blackwell; Rob Hague [PDF]
Keynote Developing Software as a Human, Social & Organizational Activity Liam Bannon
Evaluating a new programming language Steven Clarke [PDF]
Evaluation of the Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire and Some Thoughts about the Cognitive Dimensions of Spreadsheet Calculation Markku Tukiainen [PDF]
Human and "human-like" type explanations Jun Yang; Greg Michaelson; Phil Trinder [PDF]
Long Term Comprehension of Software Systems: A Methodology for Study Chris R. Douce [PDF]
Native-End User Languages: A Design Framework Basawaraj Patil; Klaus Maetzel; Erich J. Neuhold [PDF]
Observations of student working practices in an online distance education learning environment in relation to time Kit Logan; Peter G. Thomas [PDF]
Research Agenda for Computer Science Education Christian Holmboe; Linda McIver; Carlisle E. George [PDF]
Keynote Round-the-World Software Development: Prospects and Perils Gary Olson
Salvation for Bricoleurs Tzippora Yeshno; Mordechai Ben-Ari [PDF]
Some Evidence for Graphical Readership, Paradigm Preference, and the Match-Mismatch Conjecture in Graphical Programs Jarnie Chattratichart; Jasna Kuljis [PDF]
Team Performance Factors in Distributed Collaborative Software Development Martha L. Hause; Mark R. Woodroffe [PDF]
The Application of reflective Practitioner to Software Engineering Orit Hazzan [PDF]
The Coach - Supporting students in the area of error reports Carina B. Paine [PDF]
The Model Matters: Constructing and Reasoning with Heterarchical Structural Models Dan Diaper [PDF]
The Science of Web-Programming Roger G. Stone [PDF]
The Usability of Formal Specification Representations Babak Khazaei; C Roast [PDF]
Using a Graphical Design Tool for Formal Specification Colin Snook; Michael Butler [PDF]

PPIG 2000 - 12th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors PDF
A Cognitive Dimensions questionnaire optimised for users Alan F. Blackwell; Thomas R.G. Green [PDF]
A Cognitive Dimensions view of the differences between designers and users of theorem proving assistants Gada Kadoda [PDF]
A framework for knowledge: Analysing high school students' understanding of data modelling Christian Holmboe [PDF]
An assessment of visual representations for the 'flow of control' Jarnie Chattratichart; Jasna Kuljis [PDF]
Cognitive Dimensions of Use Cases: Feedback from a student questionnaire Karl Cox [PDF]
Cognitive Dimensions: An experience report Maria Kutar; Carol Britton; Jonathan Wilson [PDF]
Experiences with novices: The importance of graphical representations in supporting mental mode Carlisle E. George [PDF]
Expertise and the comprehension of object-oriented programs Simon Davies [PDF]
Gotos Considered Harmful and Other Programmers' Taboos Lindsay Marshall; Jim Webber [PDF]
How a visualization tool can be used: Evaluating a tool in a research & development project Matti Lattu; Jorma Tarhio; Veijo Meisalo [PDF]
How do people check polymorphic types? Yang Jun; Greg Michaelson; Phil Trinder [PDF]
On the use of functional and interactional approaches for the analysis of technical review meetings Patrick D'Astous; Françoise Détienne; Willemien Visser; Pierre N. Robillard [PDF]
Programmer education in Arts and Humanities course degree Lorella Gabriele; Francesca Pietramala [PDF]
Keynote Programming: Past, Present and Future Jim C. Spohrer
Some problems of programming in robotics Eleonora Bilotta; Pietro Pantano [PDF]
The effect of programming language on error rates of novice programmers Linda McIver [PDF]
The influence of the psychology of programming on a language design: Project status report John F. Pane; Brad A. Myers [PDF]
Keynote The intellectual effects of writing a simulation program Clayton Lewis
Tools for observing study behaviour Peter G. Thomas; Carina B. Paine [PDF]
Uncovering effects of programming paradigms: Errors in two spreadsheet systems Markku Tukiainen [PDF]