Spotlight on PPIGers


Jared Freeman

Jared Freeman completed his doctorate study in cognitive psychology at Columbia University in 1993 with a dissertation concerning programming psychology. He has since focused on human decision making as a scientist at Cognitive Technologies, Inc., in Arlington, Virginia (USA). The firm performs research concerning decision making in high-stress, high stakes environments including commercial aviation and military command. What follows is the abstract of Dr. Freeman's dissertation, which is currently in preparation for publication.

Judith Segal

Judith Segal is investigating the effects of context on learning about the algebraic specification of abstract data types.

Judith Good

Judith Good is planning to start running some experiments on the use of multiple visual program abstractions in helping novices overcome impasses during programming (with simple recursive programs).

Nick Flor

Nick Flor is now Assistant Professor of Information Science (in Carnegie Mellon's Graduate School of Industrial Administration). His research interests are teamwork, technology, and thinking (distributed).

Dr. Arthur V. Lopes

Rua Inhandui 303, Ap. 204
90.820-170 Porto Alegre - RS

My current work focuses on the development of an environment for novice Ada 9X programmers which extends the ideas exposed in my dissertation Very High-Level Debugging: Evaluation of Diagnosis and Solutions for Ada Concurrent Programs.

The full work will contain: multi-full screen editor, syntax templates, compiler/interpreter, hypertext help with automatic indexing of errors into possible explanations, monitor for concurrent programs, and an expert system for assisting the programming development process.

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