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Miki Grahame

The Playground Project is 3-year project funded by ESPRIT. Our aim is to create computer environments called "playgrounds" where children aged 6-8 can play, design and create games. We are working with two visual/animated programming languages: ToonTalk and Open Logo. Through programming and playing with rules, we hope to enable children to engage in abstract ways of thinking.

The project consists of a consortium of partners from UK, Portugal, Sweden and Slovakia, with complimentary expertise in computer science, education, curriculum development and commercial concerns. The Institute of Education is the lead project partner.

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Miki Grahame is a research officer on the Playground Project working at the Institute of Education. Before this, she did a computer science degree at Cambridge University . Her research interests are: learning to program, children's understanding of rules, visual representations in computer science, and user-interface design.

Rob Rist

I'm still working on a better basis for Zippy; I've been building a model of cognition based on links (of various types) between objects. When / if it is complete, it should be able to support any of the existing cognitive architectures, including neural nets. It does a pretty good job of capturing episodic and semantic memory, goals and objects, for functional and part-of relations; basically, it can dynamically generate episodic copies by combining (semantic) goal and object relations. I'm now working on procedures, selection and looping; it's tricky ...

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