Welcome to the Summer 2001 PPIG newsletter. This new issue presents a new column entitled Musings from the Trenches, meanderings through the never-ending torturous avenues of software development, this month given by PPIGer Fabrice Retkowsky following his entry to the cut and thrust, ever-changing world of e-business. If you know of any pitfalls or pearls (or perls?) of wisdom that we should all heed, please tell all.

Also included within this issue is a new interdisciplinary book review section. This section is not limited to newly published texts, but also extended to our old favorites. Being such an eclectic bunch, contributions from the whole academic spectrum is encouraged.

The PPIG newsletter is what you make it, so please feel free to submit articles and ideas for inclusion at any time. Other possibilities for future issues include compressed bibliographies or subject area summaries aimed towards busy researchers and industrialists. We are also particularly interested in conference reports and announcements, abstracts of recently published PPIG papers and developments within industry that may be of interest to the PPIG community, whether it being a new language, human-computer interaction evaluation approach or that new fantastic silver-bullet wielding software tool! Do tell us all!

Chris Douce

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