Conferences, Workshops and Call for Papers

PPIG Journal Special Issues

As discussed at the last workshop, special issues of two journals will publish PPIG work. The papers are not restricted to work reported at this year's workshop and any contribution from the PPIG community will be welcomed.

There are two issues: A Special Issue on Cognition and Software: HCI at Work in Journal of Cognition Technology and Work and a Special Issue on Improving the Learning and Teaching of Programming in the Journal of Intelligent Systems.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dr Jasna Kuljis
Senior Lecturer Department of Information Systems and Computing
Brunel University

Conference and Workshop Reports

If you have been to a conference or workshop that you feel would have been interesting to members of the PPIG community, please send them to

As mentioned earlier, PPIG is an interdisciplinary society, comprising Educational and Cognitive Psychologists, Computer Scientists and practising Software Engineers. If you visit a conference covering any of these disciplines that you think could interest some of us, do tell, please write.

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