Welcome to the Winter 2003 edition of the Psychology of Programming newsletter.

This issue contains the first PPIG related bibliography. It reflects one of my research interests - cognitive models of programming. These days I am primarily a 'pragmatic programmer' (see book review) and have not had much opportunity to keep up with current (and also previous!) publications as I would have liked.

I am hoping that the inclusion of the bibliography section will set a precedent, inspiring others to write their own. Other topics could include 'the programming team', 'programmer education', 'debugging' or 'programming tools' and 'language design'. The more interdisciplinary they are, the more fun they are to read!

Many thanks to Derek Jones for his list of books for those of us who are new (and old) to the Psychology of Programming. There were many books that I recognised (and some that I didn't). I feel his list will be useful for many newsletter readers. Well done Derek!

Remember, this is your newsletter. If you read a paper, book or discover a new journal that you feel may be of interest to the PPIG community, please do tell us. We are always interested to hear about how PPIG members are. Please do tell us how you are and how they are getting along.

Please feel free to send me inclusions, comments (and corrections?) at any time. I am always happy to hear from you.

Looking forward to seeing you all in June!

Hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Chris Douce

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