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By Chris Douce

There are a huge number of conferences, journals and workshops that may be of interest to PPIG members. Since so many are relevant it may be difficult to know where to start searching. This section presents a few links to some of the journals that I have found useful.

Contemplating the cognitive needs of a programmer led me directly to the following journal:

This journal would prove to be rather fascinating. For a simple software engineer like myself who would become befuddled with reading articles about systems it would be refreshing to read about experiments performed on real people rather than machines:

Human-Computer Interaction is a popular topic amongst PPIGers for a number of reasons. Software development environments can be used to construct easy-to-use software packages, which may possess their own issues of usability.

Programming language (and software library!) design is also an issue that can lie within the area of HCI:

It would be impossible (and silly) to miss the famous (and nebulous) Communications of the ACM, a source of inspiration and information for a huge array of fields surrounding what may be termed 'computer science':

For those who have an interest in how engineering approaches could potentially be used to understand more about the application, use and development of computer systems and software development, the below transactions will be very familiar:

This journal appears to be obviously related to some of the Psychology of Programming topics, since a growing number of POP studies use existing systems and empirically analyse how programmers navigate, use and modify them.

In the journal below, the empirical studies may differ in methodology, but perhaps some of the observations and conclusions may be similar:

Here we have an interesting journal that brings disciplines together. In some cases software engineers and programmers are used to construct models to further understand what cognition is. There is more to Cognitive Science than initially meets the eye. If you are interested, please read on:

One enterprising soul has devised a 'top 10' of classic Cognitive Science papers. Some are especially interesting, since they relate to novice-expert differences and diagrammatic reasoning, a topic that is of interest to those working with modeling languages such as UML, and those using 'visual programming languages':

Other journal titles that may also of interest includes CognitionBrain and Cognition and Social Cognition.

Finally, spare a moment for those poor souls who have to straddle both the 'code face' and the 'chalk face'. Computer science education is an activity that has to be undertaken throughout the life of a professional programmer. Perhaps here we will find some insights into what our students need:

Do you know of a journal that may be of interest to fellow PPIG members? If so, please tell us about it. Interested in writing a review, or perhaps you are an editor and would like to introduce your journal to us?

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