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Enda Dunican

We have a project starting in IT Carlow funded by the Higher Education Authority, the body in charge of all third-level education in Ireland.

The project is in the area of student retention. The funding provides a special office/lab with a number of PCs, and functions as a drop-in centre for students with problems in computer programming.

At this drop-in centre students can come to lecturers with programming problems. It occurs to me that this may be a very valuable resource in gathering details and categorising the main problems first year students have with computer programming.

If PPIG colleagues have an experience of dealing with students in this manner or if they have specialised in addressing novice programming problems they can contact me. Perhaps there may even be an opportunity for some collaboration with other educational institutes. I am open to suggestions.

Enda can be contacted by sending him a message using dunicane(at)

Linda McIver

Linda McIver missed the PPIG workshop this year, but in a good cause! Zoe Dianne McIver was born on March 25th at 8:36am. She was 4.35kg (9lbs 9oz), and has been thriving ever since (sitting comfortably on the high side of the growth curve, just like her mum!).

She's a happy smiley baby, and she has Andrew and I under good control.

Rebecca Smith

Dear All,

Anyone who has heard me asking about how to get money for my research will be pleased to hear that I have finally received some funding, in the form of a University of Glasgow faculty studentship. Here's a big thank you to Thomas Green who had some very useful suggestions for my application. And Thomas will be pleased to know that I have now read several of the papers he suggested I use as references!

Best wishes, Rebecca Smith.

Ray Waddington

I finished my visiting professor post at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 1992. For 10 years I worked in the software industry as a consultant, doing everything from y2k, project management to programming.

I have recently gone back to the academic world, taking an adjunct faculty position at Strayer University, where I teach computer science courses.

Most recently I founded The Peoples of The World Foundation, where I am a photoethnographer. The Foundation's web site is at Peoples of the World

I am sure some of your readers will remember me.

Regards, Ray Waddington.

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