Welcome to the Winter edition of the PPIG newsletter!

Many thanks to all contributors who helped to create this latest edition of the newsletter. I know there are many more of you out there waiting for the right moment to contribute! Remember, there is always a right moment.

This newsletter, like the workshop is a forum to share ideas. If you find something that may be of interest to us, please do tell. Similarly,opinion pieces are also greatly appreciated.

Perhaps there are some programming professionals out there who subscribe to the PPIG mailing lists. If so, we would especially like to hear from you, your problems, and your successes.

The most important section of this new newsletter describes the forthcoming workshop, to be held in Carlow, Ireland. Details regarding this workshop are provided by Enda Dunican, where you will find some information about Carlow and the surrounding areas.

As usual, you will find enclosed a book and journal review section. In this issue you will find a review of Secure Coding : Principles and Practices. Security isn't something that appears very often at PPIG workshops, although it is a topic of considerable importance, especially in the light of recent news coverage.

Allen Milewski and Richard Clayton have contributed an interesting discussion paper, and Derek Jones provides us with a set of interesting (and topical) links.

Towards the end of this newsletter is a reminder about the two PPIG mailing lists – how to subscribe, how to unsubscribe, how to resubscribe and access the mailing list archives.

Hope you enjoy this winters newsletter, and I look forward to seeing you all in the Spring!

Chris Douce

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