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Maria Rosales-Sequeiros

I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the department of Anthropology at University of Kent. I am doing my PhD entitled the construction of personal identity of international programmers working in transnational corporations in the UK.

I would be grateful if programmers (or individuals in related positions) working in transnational corporations or in academia could contact me to carry out some e-mail interviews.

I would also appreciate if you could give me contact names of any acquaintances in this situation that you may have.

Thank you very much for your help in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Maria Rosales-Sequeiros Marie Curie Research Fellow
Department of Anthropology, University of Kent at Canterbury, Canterbury CT2 7NS

PPIG meets XP

(that's eXtreme Programming... or any agile methodology)...

IF you are interested in researching XP from a broadly PPIG perspective
OR if you are a practitioner in an XP organisation
OR if you are interested in introducing XP into your organisation
THEN why not get in touch?

We are conducting ethnographic studies in XP organisations in order to get a holistic view of XP as both a technical and social accomplishment. We also run practitioner workshops etc. in order to share experiences and get the views of practitioners concerning the strengths and challenges of applying XP and other agile methodologies in the real world.

We are members of the Centre for Empirical Studies of Software Development at the Open University, and, until we get our website up and running, can be reached via Judith Segal at j.a.segal(at)

Help wanted is a new section in the PPIG newsletter. Are you working on a project that requires expertise in a particular area? Pehaps you are seeking subjects with a particular background or set of skills? Perhaps the newsletter may be able to help.

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