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PPIG related web sites

by Derek Jones

I have collected together a rather idiosyncratic list of web sites that I think will appeal to PPIGers.

Where do we go for news?

CogNew, (, is a relatively new website that aims to provide news of the Cognitive Sciences.

Items are posted by readers, who can also post follow up discussion points (yes, you've got it, this is a slashdot,, for the cognitive sciences; it even uses the same page design).

InfoDesign ( is another news site, however it has more of a blog feel to it.

Getting more specific, the Mental Space Lab ( is new and looks promising.

Language is very important to programming and there are some interesting languages resources out there:

The Linguistics Links Database ( provides tasters and pointers on lots of topics.

Those of you who are fans of the Terminator films might like a dose of the real thing, visit OpenCyc (, ok so it is purely a language tool, but it does offer a large ontology to play with.

Readers are likely to have heard of WordNet ( but there is also FrameNet (, based on a different underlying theory.

Those of you wanting words, words, words can find them in the ARC nonword database ( and the list of words(

The Language Evolution Site ( is a great resource for papers on language evolution (if you email any of these researchers don't forget to tell them they should also submit their papers to CiteSeer (

Nothing to do on a cold winters night? Why not take part in a psychology experiment ( or pehaps read a classic paper from the history of psychology (

Those wanting a more structured learning experience can check out the MIT open courseware project ( Great things are expected of this project. However, it is new and still has a long way to go (but it is growing fast, so keep checking for updates).

Those wanting reference information on cognitive psychology (ok, so the book is a bit on the bulky side, but it is now out in paperback) can check out Cognet(

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