PPIG Mailing Lists

embership to PPIG email lists is synonymous to being a member of PPIG (although you could be a member even if are not a member of either of the two lists). The mailing list (and, of course, the newsletter) is the primary way for members of the community to communicate.

There are two main lists:

  • ppig-discuss Discussions regarding programming related issues, and questions relating to research can be posed here. This is usually a relatively low volume list (depending upon what is being discussed, of course!)
  • ppig-announce This list provides information about relevant forthcoming conferences and workshops, including call for papers. It contains details about the forthcoming PPIG workshops, dates, times and calls for papers.

PPIG members usually subscribe to both lists. Announce is a low volume list. If you must only subscribe to one list, announce must be the one.

An archive of the PPIG discussion list is maintained. You can access it by visiting the mail archive website:


Many to Frank Wales and Paola Kathuria for the assistance they have given during the production of this newsletter.

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