Welcome to the Summer 2004 edition of the Psychology of Programming newsletter.  

This newsletter follows a very successful 2004 event, hosted by Enda Dunican and his associates from the Insitute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland. I for one had a fantastic time. Cheers Enda!

First of all, I would like to propose a minor change. The newsletter production seems to have entered a steady bi-annual state of production. Rather than having the newsletters appearing in the Winter and Summer, it would make more sense to have them being published during the Spring and Autumn terms, which more closely fits with the academic schedule.

The next issue of the newsletter will run in the Spring, which will leave you all with even more time to send in fantastic articles and suggestions!

Of particular note in this issue is a call for paper announcement for a special work-in-progress workshop to be held at the University of Nottingham. Organised by Marjahan Begum and Thomas Green, the workshop aims to gather together researchers together, to discuss problems and to share ideas.

The Unroll Your Ideas workshop is not intended to replace the next annual workshop, PPIG '05, which is now expected to take place at the University of Sussex, Brighton. More details regarding the next annual workshop will be available in due course. Please be sure to watch the announce mailing list for the latest information.

This edition of the newsletter could be potentially read as a special issue on learning and programming. It contains a book review and an associated journal review (we do need more of these! - reviews, I mean).

I hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. Please do feel free to take issue with its contents.

As I wrote within all the other newsletter I've edited, please feel free to send me inclusions, comments (and corrections?) at any time.

Looking forward to seeing you either next year, or at Nottingham!

Chris Douce

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