Journal review: International Journal of Learning Technology


Interscience Publishers
ISSN 1477-8386

The first issue of this journal was at the beginning of this year.

This journal was considered to be of interest to PPIG participants due to the number of topics it claims to cover. The first issue contains papers that are entitled 'Cognitive Visualisations and the design of Learning Technologies', 'Exploring Student Adaption to new Learning Outcomes', and for those who have an interest in both programming language and notation design, 'Educational Modelling Languages and Learning Design'.

The journal may of particular interest to those working within the area of distance learning. The emergence and development of e-learning interoperability standards is a topic that appears to feature prominently.

Themes that may be considered in this area includes intelligent learning/tutoring environments, computer-mediated communication and social and cultural issues.

The final section of the journal is a section for news in the area. This contains a mix of calls for papers and a set of announcements pertaining to progress on learning technology standards and the release of various new technologies or toolsets.

If you have interests in teaching computer science using distance learning courses, or if you are working with environments to teach languages (whether novices or experts) this journal may well be worth a look. Alternatively, the publisher appears to have a rather nifty website.

Chris Douce

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