Welcome to the Spring edition of the psychology of programming interest group newsletter.

This edition of the newsletter begins with a review of last years work-in-progress workshop held at Nottingham University. These additional events do occur from time to time. If you have an interest in developing a similar workshop, or developing a topic specific event please feel free to pose this as a suggestion to the discussion e-mail list.

As always, the newsletter includes the Spotlight column. This is where fellow PPIGers tell us about their projects, papers and generally how they are getting along. This issue is filled with a particularly interesting collection of submissions. If you have any questions (or suggestions), then please feel free to e-mail the contributors directly.

Please remember that the next PPIG event is almost upon us. As mentioned later, it will be hosted by the School of Informatics (formerly COGS) at University of Sussex, Brighton. If last years event is anything to go by - this one will be a cracker. Sussex University is relatively easy to get to both nationally and internationally, being well serviced by road, rail and air links. If the topics explored within this newsletter (and the earlier workshops) is your cup of tea, you have no excuse. Pablo expects to see you there.

This issue contains a book review, one which may be recognised by many. We're crying out for reviews and references to psychology journals and texts. We know there are some psychologists who subscribe to PPIG - the engineers are waiting to hear from you.

I hope you find this issue interesting and informative. Again, please don't wait until the call for newsletter articles appears - please feel free to send submissions at any time.

Chris Douce

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