End Users Shaping Effective Software Consortium

The EUSES Consortium (End Users Shaping Effective Software) has developed a number of resources and activities for people interested in dependability issues that arise in end-user programming. These are publicly available, and we invite PPIGers to make use of them.

1. Errors resource

The EUSES Consortium has started a resource for collecting information about errors that occur in end-user programming. Currently, it features some particularly notable error anecdotes, and has links to papers on the subject as well as to other resources on errors, including EUSPRIG's excellent collection of spreadsheet errors.

It can be reached at: EUSES end user programming errors.

We are also always interested in receiving more material for the errors resources page.

If you have something to contribute to this resource, please send it to: eusesconsortium (at) eecs.oregonstate.edu

2. Special Interest Groups and Workshops on end-user software engineering

At CHI'05 (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) in Portland, Oregon, EUSES members Brad Myers, Margaret Burnett, Mary Beth Rosson, and Susan Wiedenbeck held a SIG on the topic of end users creating effective software.

This was a follow-up to the SIG held at CHI'04 in Vienna. The CHI'05 SIG was attended by about 60 people. The attendees each introduced their work, and then discussions took place on collaboration possibilities and items for a possible CHI'06 workshop.

Notes taken during the SIG are available online.

We are now moving to a set of workshops, planned for ICSE, CHI, and other appropriate venues. The First Workshop on End-User Software Engineering (WEUSE I), organized by EUSES members Gregg Rothermel and Sebastian Elbaum, was held in conjunction with this year's ICSE, on May 21, 2005, in St. Louis.

The program for the WEUSE I was structured around four themes. These themes corresponded to the major topics presented in the papers that were accepted to the workshop. Each theme was introduced by a lead speaker who set forth his or her vision in the theme area, and was followed by a discussion session.

The four themes and their associated lead speakers were:

  • Software Engineering versus End-User Software Engineering: Mary Shaw
  • End-User Software Engineering Paradigms and Techniques: Margaret Burnett
  • End Users in End-User Software Engineering: Where HCI Cross Cuts SE: Brad Myers
  • Empirically Assessing End-User Software Engineering Techniques: Gregg Rothermel

Proceedings from WEUSE I are available from the WEUSE I website.

A direct link to the proceedings [PDF].

Slides presented by the lead speakers for each of these themes are also available at the WEUSE I site.

And, stay tuned for announcements of WEUSE II.

Margaret Burnett, Project Director, EUSES Consortium

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