Welcome to what has now become the Summer 06 edition of the PPIG newsletter. Quite a lot of time has passed since the previous issue, and quite a lot has happened too. This edition is jam packed with useful information, discussions and developments.

This issue begins with some preliminary information about the forthcoming 2006 workshop which will be held in September in the sunny seaside resort of Brighton, UK. This is followed by a review of the 'unroll your ideas' workshop held back in January.

This newsletter contains an report on an 'ethnographies of code' workshop run at Lancaster University. Due to the cross-over of interests, this event was attended by a number of delegates who also attend PPIG events.

Ramanee Peiris has kindly written a review of ITiCSE 2006.

Martin Sustrik has written a short paper that explores the relationship between programming languages and natural languages – a subject that many readers have an interest in.

Alan Blackwell answers a frequently asked question, namely "What ever happened to ESP (Empirical Studies of Programmers)?" Alan provides a clear answer.

Chris Douce considers what aspects of programing makes him happy and angry (sometimes at the same time) by addressing what effect emotion may play on the activitity of programming.

Many thanks are extended to all contributors – your input is warmly welcomed. 

The next issue of the newsletter will be published in late September and edited by Francoise Detienne. Its publication will co-incide with a special issue of the CSI (Computer Society of India) Journal.  The focus of the newsletter will be collaborative and group software development.

Chris Douce

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