Light Tones and Connected Links


By Chris Douce

Vi, BlueJ or Visual Studio?

One of the recurring questions in computer science education is whether students should be taught to program using an IDE, and if so, should they use an 'eduational' IDE such as BlueJ, or one that prepares them for the world of work, such as Eclipse or Visual Studio?

Spreadsheet Errors

Relating to an earlier section in the newsletter which introduces EuSpRIG and the work performed by the Euses consortum, the following links are particularly pertinent:

Domain specific languages toolset

Programmers bookshelf

One enterprising group of developers have made good uses of recent developments in digital photography and have kindly shared a picture of their programming bookshelf (it is more interesting than it sounds – trust me!)

Perhaps newsletter readers would like the share the contents of their bookshelf? (Submissions from psychologists particularly welcome!)

How to write comments

I have seen the error of my ways. These days I prefer to refactor code in such a way that the resulting code barely needs any comments (other than ones like, 'see page n of this book on the programmers bookshelf' - but I really must get into the habit of making explicit references to the edition number!)

I like comments, especially those that go, 'I think this works but I'm not quite sure why'.


I am rapidly become a wikipedia addict. I recently found the following:

Juggling notation

I have no idea where I found this one from, but it was (at the time) loosely related to work!


Many thanks go to the effors of the reviewers of this edition of the newsletter. All your comments and words of wisdom are appreciated.

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