Research on End-User Software Engineering at CHI'06

CHI'06 was a great conference for people interested in end-user programming, end-user software engineering, and human aspects of programming. There were a number of excellent papers relevant to this area, and the WEUSE II Workshop (Workshop on End-User Software Engineering) held at CHI was also a big success.

An extended browse of the CHI proceedings, including at least these programming-related papers, is recommended:

  • documentation (Zheng et al., Prabaker et al.)
  • gender issues in end-user software engineering (Beckwith et al.)
  • framework for building new environments (Ko/Myers)
  • new languages/tools (Fernaeus/Tholander, Raffle et al., Faaborg/Lieberman, Adar)
  • analysis of online software development communities (Medynskiy et al.)
  • creating consistent interfaces (and debugging them) (Nichols et al.)

You can read about the WEUSE workshop at the WEUSE website

Margaret Burnett, Project Director
EUSES Consortium (End Users Shaping Effective Software)

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