Welcome to the Autumn 2008 edition of the PPIG newsletter. This issue has taken quite some time to prepare, but I hope it is worth the wait.

Firstly, a bit of news. My time as editor of the PPIG newsletter has come to an end. I am indebted to the time and energies of all the past contributors: it is you who make the newsletter what it is. I have had a great time editing the newsletter and have learnt a great deal, but now the time has come to give others the chance to edit the newsletter. The newsletter baton will be passed onto Roman Bednarik, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Statistics, University of Joensuu, Finland. Roman, I wish you luck!

This issue begins with a description of the last PPIG workshop, hosted at the University of Lancaster, skillfully organised by John Rooksby, who has since escaped to St Andrews. Cheers, John! You did a great job! Alison Hull does a sterling job of telling us what happened, and to whom!

This issue also contains an outline of the last work in progress workshop that took place at the University of Sussex back in February 2008. The event was orchestrated by Johanna Hunt who came armed with a whole range of different prizes relating to performance in poetry (and not programming). This section of the newsletter contains some information about the next Work in Progress event which is to be held at the Open University in the UK.

In this issue, Thomas Green presents as with an article about a programming language called Inform 7 - a language that can be used to create textual worlds. This links closely to an announcement by Judith Good which can be found in the perpetual spotlight section.

Please find enclosed all the regular collection of bits and pieces. Perhaps this formula will change in the next issue? Only Roman can tell us! As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for articles, please feel free to get in contact. Keep in touch!

Chris Douce

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