PPIG 2009 Call for Participation

PPIG Workshop: 

by Chris Exton and Jim Buckley

PPIG comes of age!

PPIG will have its 21st Workshop next year, hosted by the University of Limerick. The preliminary dates for the workshop are the 29th, 30th of June and the 1st of July.

Having a 21st birthday for PPIG is a testament to how successful this group has been over its life, and this workshop will be a great forum to celebrate this success.

The workshop will be hosted by Dr. Chris Exton and Dr. Jim Buckley, both of the University of Limerick and we hope to make it a wonderful occasion in which to meet up with old and new peers, evaluate new work in the area, celebrate the core works in the area and get new ideas buzzing round the community's collective heads!

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