Welcome to the first issue of PPIG newsletter in 2009, and let me apologize for the extended period of silence of this periodic since October 2008. We seemed to have some hiccups with this issue, for several reasons: first and mainly, the new editor is a chaotic procrastinator. Second, he likes to take long vacations in one block to help him forget the tasks to do. Third, every now and then he tries to elicit contributions to cover up his procrastination, but to no avail - neither he receives enough contributions nor the primary problem of hanging back is suppressed.

But then, only under the constant pressure from the active part of the PPIG community, we managed to squeeze out what you can find below. This number features, among others, a review of PPIG 2009 meeting as well as of the WIP little PPIG. In a highlight of this issue, Marian Petre gives a word of advice for those who look for venues to publish PPIG-related research, this time she concentrates on journals.

We all will agree that Chris Douce was doing a great job with this newsletter since 2001 and he deserves big thanks. Thank you Chris! This newsletter would not exist without the contributions, so thanks go namely to the Chris's, Jim, Gabriela, Marian, Andrés, Sami, and to others for help and feedback. Enjoy reading and send me feedback about the newsletter to roman.bednarik (at) cs.joensuu.fi

Roman Bednarik

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