PPIG 2011 Report

PPIG Workshop: 

University of York
6 - 8 September 2011

It's all over.


If you were not there - this is what you missed.

If you were there, then here are some reminders. If you want to add any pictures then send them to Alistair

Technical Committee

  • Rachel Bellamy (IBM Watson Reearch Center)
  • Alan Blackwell (Cambridge U)
  • Alistair Edwards (co-chair) (York U)
  • Paul Cairns (York U)
  • Thomas Green (co-chair) (Leeds & York Unis)
  • Babak Khazei (Sheffield Hallam U)
  • Charles Knutson (Brigham Young)
  • Maria Kutar (Salford U)
  • Marian Petre (Open U)
  • Helen petrie (York U)

Twitter: #ppig2011

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