PPIG 2009 - 21st Annual Workshop

24 Jun 2009 to 26 Jun 2009
University of Limerick

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
A Course Dedicated to Developing Algorithmic Problem Solving Skills - Design and Experiment Orna Muller; Bruria Haberman [PDF]
Keynote A Peek Under the Hood: One Programmer's Psychology Keith Gallagher
An Evaluation of inline source code browsing Michael Desmond; Chris Exton [PDF]
Can Named Ranges Improve the Debugging Performance of Novice Spreadsheet Users? Ruth McKeever; Kevin McDaid; Brian Bishop [PDF]
Cognitive levels and Software Maintenance Sub-tasks Tara Kelly; Jim Buckley [PDF]
Communication in Testing: Improvements for Testing Management Tuula Pääakkönen; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
Computer Code as a Medium for Human Communication: Are Programming Languages Improving? Gilles Dubochet [PDF]
Concrete Thoughts on Abstraction Keiron Nicholson; Judith Good; Katy Howland [PDF]
Design Requirements for an Architecture Consistency Tool Jacek Rosik; Jim Buckley; Muhammad Ali Babar [PDF]
Examining the Structural Features of Systems Developed in C++ and Java Michael English; Patrick McCreanor [PDF]
Further Observation of Open Source Programmers’ Information Seeking Khaironi Yatim Sharif; Jim Buckley [PDF]
Panel Good Programmers: Nature or Nurture? (The bed of Procrustes) Chris Exton [PDF]
Initial Exploration of Eye Movements in Collaborative Work: Case Pair Programming Sami Pietinen; Roman Bednarik; Markku Tukiainen [PDF]
Meta-analysis of the effect of consistency on success in early learning of programming Saeed Dehnadi; Richard Bornat; Ray Adams [PDF]
Mining Programming Language Vocabularies from Source Code Daniel P. Delorey; Charles D. Knutson; Mark Davies [PDF]
Keynote Resurrecting Programming Michael Kölling
Software Architects: A Different Type of Software Practitioner Jack Downey [PDF]
Types of Cooperation Episodes in Side-by-Side Programming Lutz Prechelt; Ulrich Stärk; Stephan Salinger [PDF]
Using computerized procedures for testing and training abstract comparative relations Agata Vitale; Veronica Cullan [PDF]